Zen Encounters

In collaboration with Art Seasons Gallery, Y Art Project is delighted to present "Zen Encounters|简," an inaugural solo exhibition by Singaporean artist Yin Chua from Aug 11th  to Sep 9th, 2023 at Art Seasons Gallery.  This exhibition is also co-presented by Coinllectibles.

Immersed in Zen philosophies, Yin who aspires to be known as “the artist that paints peace” embraces mindfulness teachings, viewing Zen more as an encompassing way of life rather than a religion. The exhibition, titled "Zen Encounters," serves as a testament to the myriad of transformative experiences Yin has undergone, which she seeks to translate into her artworks.

An introspective episode of a ten-day silent meditation retreat in 2016 stands as a good example. During this retreat, participants dedicated over ten hours each day to the observance of their breath, thoughts, and sensations, observing their ephemeral nature as they effortlessly "arose and passed away." This insightful encounter found expression in the recurrent motif of waves in her paintings, evident in the series titled "Calming Waves." Furthermore, an awe-inspiring expedition to the majestic Himalayas in the subsequent year, where Yin beheld the breathtaking sight of Mt. Everest and other towering peaks, ignited a deep appreciation for atmospheric mountains, which she poetically portrays in works such as "One Step at a Time."

These transformative encounters, distanced from the clamor of the fast-paced Singaporean urban landscape, have indelibly shaped Yin's artistic sensibilities, propelling her towards a minimalist lifestyle. This minimalist, pared-down approach is also a common theme that threads her work. With each meticulously crafted piece, Yin aspires to bestow upon the observer a serene aesthetic, infusing their surroundings with an aura of tranquility and beauty.