Dreamscapes: Interwoven Myths

Following Emi Avora’s successful debut at ArtSG, Southeast Asia’s leading international art fair, Art Seasons Gallery and Y Art Projects are thrilled to present her solo exhibition, "Dreamscapes: Interwoven Myths," from March 8 – April 20, 2024. This exhibition provides art enthusiasts and collectors with an immersive exploration of a realm where myths and dreams harmoniously intertwine. The exhibition is curated by art historian Theresa Tan, and co-presented by Coinllectibles.

 In "Dreamscapes: Interwoven Myths", Emi Avora showcases her talent in seamlessly blending diverse cultural myths, crafting a captivating tapestry of enchanting dreamscapes that beckon the imagination. The exhibition promises to transport visitors to a world where reality and fantasy merge across multiple parallel and colliding universes.

Emi Avora, a Greek artist currently residing in Singapore, draws inspiration from her daily life in Asia and her Greek heritage. Her art spans from interior spaces, still life, to landscapes, engaging in a dialogue with modernist historical canons. She explores a complex relationship with exoticism, the environment, motherhood, and everyday experiences. Avora's compositions reflect her quest for a rediscovered place and identity, as well as her curiosity about the shapes around her.

Avora's paintings often depict encounters or conversations between seemingly disparate objects or symbols, presenting a blend of dreamy and intense scenes where light plays a central role. She employs vivid palettes to invite viewers to reinterpret her work, creating a space between perception and creation, reality, and imagination. Through her act of re-imagining, Avora transports the viewer into an escapist realm parallel to reality. Communicating everyday observations through enchanting and magical expressions, Avora skilfully blends reality with mythology. Leveraging her mastery of colours, light intensity, and tone, she focuses on elements that surprise or captivate her attention, transforming observed situations into fictional compositions with myriad interpretations.

In the large diptych, "Valley of Myths," symbols from Eastern and Western mythology occupy an imaginative space, suggesting both an interior marked by tiling and a landscape hinted at by cloud-like formations. The dragon shapes and background colour planes collaborate to evoke a sense of a mythical valley. The artwork's expansive scale invites viewers to envision these mythological symbols as integral parts of everyday still life or monumental entities, alluding to broader geopolitical dynamics within Avora's constructed multiverse of colours. This interplay introduces a playful element, juxtaposing domestic roles with historical significance. Other works in this series, similarly, invites viewers to explore the intricate connections between different myths, unveiling a rich and multi-layered narrative that transcends cultural boundaries.