- Exploring Singapore's Diasporic Ethos in the Art of Diaspora Artists


In collaboration with Art Seasons Gallery, Y Art Project is delighted to present "DiaS’pora - Exploring Singapore’s  Diasporic Ethos in the Art of Diaspora Artists” from January 17 to February 24, 2024 in Art Seasons Gallery. This exhibition is also co-presented by Coinllectibles. 

The artistic endeavours of diaspora artists reflect the distinctive ethos of the diasporic experience, marked by their connection to their homeland culture and their role as cultural ambassadors. This show delves into the art of these diaspora artists, examining how their connection to their heritage influences their creative expression and how their exposure to new cultural contexts, digital media, and global platforms shapes their artistic perspectives. The show highlights how the resulting art diverges from traditional norms, utilizing innovative media and presentation formats to reach a global audience. Additionally, it discusses the dynamic of artists working in Singapore and Singapore artists working overseas, while maintaining ties to their homeland, leading to the preservation of acquired characteristics in their work.

Participating Artists include Anne-Kristin Vaudour, Desmond Mah, Emi Avora, Huang Zhanwen, Karina D. Simon, Leo Liu Xuanqi and Li Chun.