Teo Boon Gim is an artist who currently runs his own ceramics studio The Clay People. Boon Gim utilises his own interpretive take on the subgenera 'Land Art'-- mimicry. His subject matter is ever so slightly dramatised, yet a synchronic enactment as how they happened in their natural states. Wherein the clay that he has; he molds , shapes & glazes them delectably into fruits; berries of imagination & magic to mimic fruits of the earth.

He began training locally under the apprenticeship of renowned masters such as Mr. Chua Soon Khim and Mr. Chua Soo Kim, and Mr. Hassan Solkikly Bin Adul Rahim. He has also travelled the world, polishing his craft by working with artists from China, Taiwan, and New Zealand. His commissioned works have been presented to ministers and dignitaries around the world.

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