Shi Yuanxin was born in 1983 in Chao Zhou, Guang Dong. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Arts in Hanshan Teachers College in 2008. In 2017, He acquired a Master's degree from the Experimental Art College of Central Academy of Fine Arts. Shi Yuanxin's work is mainly derived from Chinese profound traditional culture and his own experience of modern cultural spirit. Through his intensive study of Chinese traditional culture, his creation focus on the transformation of matter between different forms, the transformation of relationship with time and space, and the response to the complexity of the social environment. With his various artistic languages such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, design, photography, video and installation, Shi Yuanxin explores and practices his unique artistic expressions.

He creates a very experimental and exploratory artwork in the context of modern and contemporary society. His works have been exhibited and collected in China and abroad. He also participated in the organization of contemporary art exhibitions, seminars and so on.




2018 | Printmaking Art Of China—National Tour Exhibition of printmaking Art In Civil Society,Baolong Art Distict,Beijing,China;

2018 | Hainan's First Contemporary Art Exhibition, GALLERY OF ART WOUDERLAND, Hainan, China;

2018 | Poster Exhibition of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Central Academy of Fine Arts,Central Academy of Fine Arts, China;

2018 | ApplicationForm for the 2nd Asian Art Biennale, Hong Kong, China;

2017 | IN PROGRESS-Annual Exhibition of Teachers of the School of Experimental Art, CAFA, Riverslde Art Museum, Beijing, China;

2017 | 10X10 SPACE AESTHETIC VALUE,10 SPACE,Beijing,China;

2017 | CAFA 2017 Graduation Exhibition,CAFA Museum, Beijing, China;

2017 | SPIRLT OF ACADEMY-the exhibition of graduate students from the eight major colleges, Yiwu Zhejiang, China;

2017 | WALL POWER-The Second Wallpost Artist Exhibition, Today Art Museum,Beijing;

2017 | Tokyo Art Fair 2017,Tokyo International Forum, Japan;

2017 | TSkylark in the sky-Contemporary Youth Art Exhibition of 11 People, Mountain Museum, Fujian;

2016 | The Hearts Way,Rose of the Arts Center, Beijing, China;

2016 | 2016 YOUTH WILL-Beijing Youth Art Biennale, National Museum of Art, Beijing;

2016 | New Contemporary Painting Exhibition, BAIJIA LAKE ART CENTER BEIJING, China;

2016 | Beijing Youth Art Biennale, Today Art Museum, Beijing;

2016 | Inheritances The Language in Contemporary Art, Parkview Green Art, Beijing, China;

2016 | The Printmaking Exhibition Of Chinese Youth, Nanchang 699 Art Center, Jiangxi, China;


2016 | Creative Future Exhibition-Wangjing SOHO Exhibition Center, Beijing, China;

2016 | New Vision-Korea Asia Posters Design Exhibition, Lang Art Museum, Korea;

2016 | Object & Image Dimension,

2016 | College·New Idea,HONYO Art Center, Beijing, China;

2015 | The 5th ‘Youth·Footprint’ theme creation exhibition,CAFA Round staircase exhibition hall, Beijing, China;

2015 | Coexistence, Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing, China;


2015 | Young Power-Youth Art 100 Recommended Exhibition, Shangdong Contemporary Art Center, Nanjing, China;

2015 | AAD Asian Visual Art Exchange Exhibition, Cultural Center, 13th Floor, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Zhongshan Store, Tainan, Taiwan;

2015 | Scheming in Space, Square One Art Space, Beijing, China;

2014 | Sympathetic Response, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China;

2014 | Art Unbounded and XingYao Future Exhibition, ENJOY-ART MUSEUM, Beijing, China;

2014 | China(Linyi)International art exhibition, Shandong, China;

2014 | THE BEST ACADEMIC, WALL ART, Beijing, China;

2014 | I am not me, CAFA Underground exhibition hall, Beijing, China;

2014 | Look at the horizon:News and young voices of Chinese contemporary art,Nice Asian Art Museum,France

2014 | Art Nova 100,National Agricultural Exhibition Hall No. 1, Beijing, China;

2014 | 12 ARTISTS WITH 76 WORKS ON PAPER, ART SEASONS, Beijing, China;

2014 | The Absoluteness of Conception:Beyond Three Worlds, 5 Art Center, Beijing, China;

2014 | MANUAL MACHINES: a pair of sight or sharp, ART SEASONS, Beijing, China;

2014 | Gravity in the Future Asia visual art & Design Exhibition, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Nanxi Store one 9F, Taibei, Taiwan;

2013 | New painting report - the first time, Shenzhen lo wu gallery, Guangdong;

2013 | As long as proof that young contemporary artists, G-Dot Art Space, Beijing, China;

2013 | 2013 new generation image creation exhibition in Asia, Kaohsiung, Taiwan;

2013 | Asia visual art & Design Exhibition, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store 11F Desige Gallery Kaohsiung Zuoying, Kaohsiung, Taiwan;

2013 | Hey look, the art on, Hey look at space, Beijing, China;