Rayn Leow is Singaporean artist whose upbringing, influences and ways of thinking are decorated with vestiges of culture and tradition intrinsic to him. Belonging to one of the last generations of Singaporeans to live the rural life, under zinc roofs of rustic house, Rayn may had already been long steeped in Asian traditions but his time in Australia to study biomedical science, a field of study seeking to understand how the body works and how that knowledge can be applied to medicine exposed him liberalism and his receptiveness of it.

As a non-conforming person, Rayn fits into the Singaporean-Chinese Confucian-style social structure, whilst taking refuge in modern passions, preferences and perspectives. He believes in function before form , thus giving rise to his signature hexagonal design which symbolizes Unity in Diversity as they form a perfect network with zero distance between unique individuals.It is a recurring geometry found in atoms, crystals and honeycombs providing stability to structures. When fitted together, hexagons form a perfect network; representing the coming together of unique individuals to create partnerships, families and communities. Rayn ponders on the thought, " Could liberation come at no expense to inclusivity?"

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