Daiki Nishimura was born in Osaka, Japan in 1985. He has been exhibiting his art works at many Japanese Buddhism Temples such as Fugenin, Koyasan, Wakayama and Honenin in Kyoto, Japan. His simple compositions, minimum color palette, and solid textures creates the atmosphere of timelessness. In front of his strong images, the viewers can see fragments of landscapes, but stay in infinite space.



2009   B.F.A. Osaka University of Art

2011   M.F.A. Osaka University of Art



2016   Young Creators Award 2016, First Prize, MI gallery, Japan

2015   UNKNOWN ASIA ART EXCHANGE OSAKA 2015, Judges Prize 

2009   Osaka University of Art graduation Award, First Prize 



2018    “Schrodinger's cats”, Honen-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan

2018 “Wildfire”, spectrum gallery, Osaka, Japan

2017 “Unmeasurable weight of death which is becoming lighter”, Honen-in Temple, Kyoto,    

2017 “VISIBILITY : INVISIBILITY”, spectrum gallery, Osaka, Japan

2016    “GATE”, spectrum gallery, Osaka, Japan

2015    “White rain”, Honen-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan “Black rain”, spectrum gallery, Osaka, Japan

2014    “In the sea of glass fragments”, Honen-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan spectrum gallery, Osaka, Japan

2013    “After the Explosion of Horizon”, Honen-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan spectrum gallery, Osaka, Japan

2012    Sentoku-ji Temple, Osaka, Japan “Moon & Sun”, Honen-in Temple, Kyoto spectrum gallery, Osaka, Japan

2011    “Who is he?”, Honen-in Temple, Kyoto,

            Japan Fugen-in Temple, Koyasan, Wakayama, Japan

2010    “The flowing river never stops”, Honen-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan 



Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery    Kyoto, Japan



2019    Affordable Art Fair / MILAM, Carte Scoperte Art Gallery

2019    Artist Fair Kyoto 2019, Kyoto,J apan

2016    MASTERPIECE LONDON 2016 Katie Jones Japanese Art,  London

2015    ART SAN DIEGO 2015, spectrum gallery, USA

2013    ART SANTA FE 2013, spectrum gallery, USA



2018    “Jeunes artistes émergents”  GALERIE Akié Arichi, France

2017    “Jeunes artistes émergents”  GALERIE Akié Arichi, France

2016    spectrum selection 2016  Kyoto, Japan

2015    UNKNOWN ASIA ART EXCHANGE OSAKA 2015    Osaka, Japan

2014    Winter Luxe, Osaka, Japan

         Three Person Show, spectrum gallery, Osaka, Japan

2013    Painting & Ceramic Tow Person Show Daiki NISHIMURA・Osamu INAYOSHI, spectrum gallery, Osaka, Japan

          spectrum selection 2013   spectrum gallery, Osaka, Japan 

2012    Transience:Beyond the Horizon Japanese Friendship Garden / BALBOA PARK SAN DIEGO USA

2011    “Element : Water”, two person show, spectrum gallery, Osaka, Japan

2010 “Tokyo Wander Seed”, Group Exhibition, Tokyo, JAPAN