Specialized in oil painting and plastic color creation, Soong has been exploring the techniques of painting of three–dimensional goldfish in recent years. Using different interesting dishes to draw various goldfish, Soong painted goldfish with acrylic on transparent resin. After one layer is painted, another thin layer of resin is poured. After pouring the resin, it takes about 12 hours for the resin to dry out, and become solid to continue the next layer painting. By repeating the same steps over and over, sometimes it could take more than ten steps to complete one single artwork.

Painting goldfish is a perfect example. Because of its three–dimensional scale, Soong must start to paint from the bottom of the fish, then slowly move up one layer by one layer, which is very different from traditional paintings. Soong loves to use old utensils as containers for his goldfish artwork, in order to remind himself as well as the viewers of the childhood memories.



2018 | Ion Gallery, Singapore

2017 | Flor Patisserie, Singapore