Zhu Feng, born in Shanghai, 1974, graduated from East China Normal University, Fine Art Department. Currently works and lives in Shanghai. The series work of Mirror has won The 2010 Sovereign Asian Art Prize Hong Kong. 2014 He has been honored the China New Photographer Top Ten. The work Mirror reveals the artist’s exploration on “lights” – the fundamental elements of photography – and its philosophical extension. Besides, his Shanghai Zero Degree and Top, to name a few among other works he created, have been exhibited at Guangdong Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago, Bates College Museum of Art, Maine & Kansas City Art Institute, USA, as well as art spaces in Germany, Singapore, Hungry etc. Public collections include Guangdong Museum of Art, China; Bates College Museum of Art, Maine, USA; and the Archive of modern conflict, London.




2019 | "SHANGHAI ZERO DEGREE", M50 Ruiping Gallery,Shanghai

2018 | The 7th China Ji'nan Intl. Photography Biennial, Shandong

2018 | Photo Beijing, China Millennium Monument Art Museum, Beijing

2018 | Mobile-ECUN, Shanghai Young Artists' 3rd Invitational Exhibition, East China Normal University Library, Shanghai

2018 HS Gallery Retrospective, Shanghai

2018 | Mirror: Light & Color, Design Republic, Shanghai

2018 | Void, CONCEPTS Gallery,Shanghai

2018 | Mirror, Cachet Hotels & Resorts, Shanghai

2018 | New Landscape, The 5th China Changan Photography Week, Dongguan, Guangdong

2018 | Mobile-ECUN, Shanghai Young Artists' 2nd Invitational Exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition Center(SEC)

2017 | Mobile-ECUN, Shanghai Young Artists' 1st Invitational Exhibition, Shanghai Young Art Fair, Shanghaimart

2017 | City Lights: Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Peace Arts & Culture Week, Peace Hotel, Shanghai

2016 | Mirror, PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, Shanghai

2016 | Taizhou photo Biennale, Zhejiang, Taizhou

2016 | The 6th China Ji'nan Intl. Photography Biennale, Shandong

2016 | Beyond the image×Mirror, HS Gallery,Shanghai

2015 | Imagination and Reality, amanasalto, Shanghai

2015 | Mirror, Art Beijing, Beijing

2015 | China New Foto Award Top Ten Group Show, The China Millennium Monument Digital Art Gallery, Beijing

2014 | Photography and Writing, Lianzhou International Photo Festival, Lianzhou

2014 | By landscape and landscape, Yunnan, Luoping (International) Photography Festival, Yunnan

2013 | The Urban Age, Academic Committee of Urban Images UPSC, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Qingdao.

2012 | Crossover: The 2012 Three Shadows Photography Award,

2012 | Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing

2011 | TOP20·2011 Cutting-edge exhibition of contemporary Chinese photography, Zhejiang Museum of Art

2011 | Rotating Shanghai II: Works by Two Generations of Photography Artists in Shanghai, Contemporary Dialogue Foundation, San Francisco, USA

2011 | TRACE II, DaLi International Photography Exhibition, YunNan

2011 | The 2010 Sovereign Asian Art Prize, The Rotunda, Exchange Square,HongKong

2010 | Unrealistic x (Star + Vision + Mountain + Water), For Art Gallery, Shanghai

2010 | The 2010 Sovereign Asian Art Prize,ARTSPACE@Helutrans, Singapore

2010 | STAY YOU, The Great Wall Beijing; Zendai Plaza, Shanghai

2010 | Southern Pocket Film Festival, GuangZhou

2010 | Shanghai …in Process Conceptual Photography Works Exhibition in Pingyao, PIP Festival, Pingyao, Shanxi Province

2010 | The 10th Shanghai Intl. Photographic Art Exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition Center

2010 | WILL TO HEIGHT: Contemporary Art Exhibition, epSITE Epson Imaging Gallery, Shanghai

2010 | Jimei Intl. Contemporary Art- Young Photographers Exhibition, Auto Galerie, Jimei, Xiamen, Fujian

2010 | Science and City Life - National Photography Exhibition, Shanghai Pudong Expo.

2010 | World Expo Photo & Video Exhibition, Shanghai World Financial Center

2009 | SHANGHAI ZERO DEGREE: Zhu Feng Solo Exhibition, TimeZone 8, Beijing

2009 | REVERSED IMAGES: Representations of Shanghai and Its Contemporary Material Culture, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, USA

2009 | SHANGHAI REVOLUTIONS:Contemporary Chinese Photo Artists and Propaganda

2009 | Posters from the Mao Era, 320o in Siófok, Hungry

2009 | UNDERCONSTRUCTION-Photography on the EXPO 2010 Shanghai, Shanghai Pudong Library

2009 | MEMORY OF SHANGHAI:60 Artists' Images Exhibition, Hongmiao Art Shanghai

2009 | UNDEFINED-Munich, Tokyo, Shanghai 8 Person Group Exhibition, PIP Festival, Pingyao, Shanxi Province

2009 | SHANGHAI ZERO DEGREE, Lishui Photo Festival, Zhejiang

2009 | DRAMA/SCENE: Urban Photography in Shanghai, Liu Haishu Museum, Shanghai

2009 | SHANGHAI ZERO DEGREE, Photo Beijing – Contemporary Art Fair, Beijing

2009 | TRACE, Ray Art Center, 1933 Old Millfun, Shanghai

2009 | STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: From Chinese Streets to Monuments and Skycrapers, Kansas City Art Institute, USA

2008 | HILLS AND RIVERS, Lianzhou International Photography Festival

2008 | STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: From Chinese Streets to Monuments and Skycrapers, Bates College Museum of Art, Maine USA

2008 | FOTO OFOTO, OFOTO Gallery, Beijing

2008 | World Photojournalism Festival, Shen Yang, China                  

2008 | PANORAMIC, Ofoto Gallery, Shanghai                                                                     

2008 | STREETS ARE OURS,Shanghai Zendai MoMA                                          

2007 | CELEBRATE, China contemporary photography,Epson Gallery Shanghai

2007 | SHANGHAI ZERO DEGREE,Shanghai Weima Gallery

2006 | HILLS & RIVERS,Lianzhou Intl.Photography Festival

2005 | 2nd International Photography Competition, Greece, Foto Art Magazine   

2005 | SALUTE TO DAIDO MORIYAMA:The Exhibition of 5 Shanghai Photographers epSITE-Epson Imaging Gallery

2005 | SELFHOOD·ABSENT MINDED, the Joint Exhibition of The New Generation

2005 | Photographers in China, Yiyun Town Art Saloon Guangzhou

2005 | ABSENT MINDED, the Exhibition of 9 Shanghai Photographers, Lianzhou Intl. Photography Festival

2005 | HARVEST, Chinese Photography Exposition, Art Scene Warehouse

2005 | CHINA·QINGSE, About Exploration, 1st Exhibition, Ag-art Warehouse Hangzhou

2005 | RE(-)VIEWING THE CITY, 2005 Guangzhou Photo Biennial, Guangdong Museum of Art

2004 | THE WEAKLINGS, Wuyi Mountain International Photo Week, Fujian Province

2004 | LIUTONG, New Generations of Metropolis Photography Exhibition, Shanghai Xingguang Photographer Gallery

2003 | PARADISE LOST, Pingyao International Photography Festival (PIP Festival), Pingyao, Shanxi Province

2002 | CHINA NEW PHOTOGRAPHY, Pingyao International Photography Festival

2002 | IMAGES AND VARIATIONS, Shanghai Normal University Wuxing Gallery

2000 | 5th Shanghai International Photography Exhibition, the Associated Exhibition of  Black-and-white Photographs, Shanghai Exhibition Center

2000 | THE NIGHT OF SHANGHAI,  Shanghai Weima Gallery



2014 | "MIRROR", Xitek China New Photographer Top Ten

2012 | "SHANGHAI ZERO DEGREE", the 4th The Shadows Photography Award, Finalist, Beijing

2010 | "MIRROR", Outstanding Sovereign Asian Art Prize finalists

2010 | "SHANGHAI ZERO DEGREE" Photography Exhibition by South Best Newcomer Award

2005 | 2nd International Photography Competition, Best group photo prize ,Greece, Foto Art Magazine



2008 | Bates College Museum of Art, Maine, USA

2007 | Timothy PRUS (The Archive of modern conflict), London, England

2005 | Guangdong Museum of Art, China