Araki is one of the most recognized photographers in Japan who has been focusing his work in themes of Eros, Thanatos (sex, death) as well as impermanence in life. Araki has since built his autobiographical, “I-photography” style (named after ‘I-novels’ in literature) with photographs of his private life; daily and sexual scenes in Tokyo; “story-photography” composed of series of photographs; sensational portraits that resemble pornographic paintings back in Edo period; as well as photographs of flowers, food, sky, closely capturing the beauty in various kinds of subjects.



Solo shows
2019 | Nobuyoshi Araki, Curated by Jimena López, Javier Lopez & Fer Frances, Madrid
2017 | Nobuyoshi Araki, RUDOLF BUDJA GALLERY, Miami Beach
2017 | The Solo Exhibition of Nobuyoshi Araki, Over the Influence, Hong Kong
2016 | Araki, Hamiltons Gallery, London
2016 | Nobuyoshi Araki: 2THESKY, my ENDER, Art Portfolio, Inc.
2015 | Love on the Left Eye, Little Big Man Gallery, Los Angeles
2015 | Nobuyoshi Araki - Alluring Hell, Alex Daniels - Reflex Amsterdam, Amsterdam
2014 | Nobuyoshi Araki : ​Painted Photographs, MARUANI MERCIER GALLERY, Knokke
2014 | NOBUYOSHI ARAKI - Megumi Kagurazaka & August, Alex Daniels - Reflex Amsterdam, Amsterdam
2014 | ARAKI Ojo Shashu – Photography for the Afterlife: Alluring Hell, Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Amsterdam
2003 | Nobuyoshi Araki, Galería Javier López, Madrid
Group shows
2019 | Staff Picks, Alpha 137 Gallery
2019 | Artists Skates, Plates & Design Objects, Alpha 137 Gallery
2019 | Text-Based Art, Alpha 137 Gallery
2019 | My Garden of Eden, CHRISTOPHE GUYE GALERIE, Zurich
2019 | Black and White Prints and Works on Paper, Alpha 137 Gallery
2019 | Still Alive, Mirat, Madrid
2018 | Shashin: are-bure-boke, Michael Hoppen Gallery, London
2018 | FLOWERS, Grob Gallery
2018 | Lichtempfindlich 2, Fotografie aus der Sammlung Schaufler, Schauwerk 2018 | Sindelfingen, Sindelfingen, Germany
2017 | TASCHEN Store London Claridge’s, TASCHEN, London
2017 | Personal Structures: Open Borders, ECC Collection, Venice
2017 | Introspection and Exploration: Artistic Generations in Asia, Longmen Art Projects, Hong Kong
2017 | STILL LIFE, Grob Gallery, Genève
2017 | Acts of Intimacy: The Erotic Gaze in Japanese Photography, The Walther Collection, New York
2017 | BLOW – UP, Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
2016 | PLATINUM – Master prints by master printers, Atlas Gallery, London
2016 | Shikijo: eroticism in Japanese photography, Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong
2016 | Araki, Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet, Paris
2016 | In the Wake: Japanese Photographers Respond to 3/11, Japan Society, New York
2016 | Nobuyoshi Araki / Hiroshi Sugimoto, Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kong
2015 | PIPE DREAM, Galerie Andrea Caratsch
2015 | Up Close: Erotic Japanese Photography, Hong Kong Contemporary Art
For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968-1979, Japan Society, New York
2015 | TASCHEN Collector's Editions, TASCHEN
2015 | Stare Into The Rising Sun (Editions by Contemporary Asian Art Stars), Masters Projects, Brooklyn
2015 | Éros C'est la vie, Javier Lopez & Fer Frances, Madrid, Spain
2014 | Please Don't Stop Loving Me!, Fred Torres Gallery, New York
2013 | Road Atlas - Straßenfotografie, DZ Bank Collection, Kunsthalle Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany
2012 | Road Atlas - Straßenfotografie, DZ Bank Collection, Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus, Cottbus, Germany
2011 | Polaroid (IM)POSSIBLE - THE WESTLICHT COLLECTION, Westlicht - Schauplatz für Fotografie, Vienna, Austria


©Araki Nuboyoshi