Anne-Kristin Vaudour is a visual artist who grew up in the former Republic of East Germany. Her studies then took her overseas, to Shanghai for Journalism and PR, then to Italy, for Oil Painting and Children’s Book Illustration.By using figural scenes aspect of 'landscape' Anne is allowed to indulge in one of her many passions; diving through history.

Through a great lens of inspection, close attention to the dresses, jewelleries & accessories and in-depth research into the background of the portrayed person, especially if that person is rather unknown, she finds that she is taken on a unique journey back in time, each and every time. Anne has been producing & exploring digital artworks in spite of her main favoured oil and canvas mediums & acquired traditional techniques.Modernizing the classical form of figural scene by the modi of pop surrealism; lives, worlds are then reimagined & given new perspectives.

Distinctively, Anne’s artworks have been exhibited at the ANIMA MUNDI Festival during the Biennale in Venice, the London Contemporary International Art Fair, the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong & during the Le French May festival in Hong Kong.

  • 2021 Galerie Sonia Monti, Art Contemporain, Paris (cancelled due to Covid 19)  
  • 2020 Marvelous Art Gallery, Istanbul, online art exhibition
  • 2020 Albe Art Gallery OPEN MINDED online group exhibition 2020 Variation en Mirioir, Le French May in Hong Kong 
  • 2019 Edited Reality at Nido Gallery in Hong Kong
  • 2019 LONDON CONTEMPORARY International Art Fair, represented by Itsliquid Group, UK 2019 Anima Mundi Arts Festival, VISIONS, Venice Biennale, represented by Itsliquid Group, Italy 
  • 2019 Anima Mundi Arts Festival, CONSCIOUSNESS, Venice Biennale, represented by Itsliquid Group, Italy
  • 2018 Asia Contemporary Art Show, represented by NIDO Asia in Hong Kong
  • 2012 Graduation show of the Master Ars in Favola, Macerata, Italy

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